About our team

From the beginning the team consists of professionals from the fields of sciences (biologists, ecologists). For many years, the initially modest composition of four people systematically expanded to the current permanent team of over ten people. Most of us are still people with biological education - so when ordering equipment, looking for advice or simply asking us questions, you can count on a fully professional approach from our office. We know the issues very well, we have experience in field and laboratory work.

Of course, we cannot forget about our ladies who produce Ecotone Mist nets - their many years of experience and diligence have allowed the company to achieve the level of a leader in this field. The Ecotone label proves not only an excellent product, but also a pro-ecological approach to selling the Ecotone Mist nets (more about it in the Projects section).

Of course, there is also a large group of people cooperating in various fields that are the subject of our activity. We would like to thank all of them for their contribution to the development of our company!

Our office

Right now we (office and production) are located in Gdynia.